Who are we?

In 2017, we set out to make a hiking trailer to help our family get into the back country easier despite a new baby and back problems. Some trial and error later we hit the trails with our Goat Pack! Almost every one that we passed asked where we got it or said, “That’s the way to do it”. After the first few trips we needed to change a few things. Now the Goat Pack has gone through four generations of changes and many little tweaks. They are ready to order! We love the out doors any way we can get it and this made it possible for our family. We hope it can make the outdoors more accessible for others too.

A brother decided that the Goat Pack was made for hunters too! He took it on several trips and we made some tweaks that made it more appropriate for packing out that trophy Elk or whatever you’ve bagged.

We also enjoy Over landing! We would love to make custom bumpers or protection for any rig. If they don’t make it how you want for your vehicle that’s where we love to step in. Feel free to reach out and talk about your next project with us.

  • Handcrafted

    Since the beginning, every goat has been hand, built to ensure high-quality products.

  • A little bit of everything

    From mini smokers to rock sliders we build a little bit of every thing.

  • CAD

    We use computer aided design when building your dream project to help make sure we are on the right path before we make the first cut.